Contract Anticipatory Repudiation and Request for Adequate Assurances


Starting at $2,500.00*** – Legal correspondence indicating an anticipatory repudiation by a party to an agreement and the client’s right to demand adequate assurance of future performance with respect to the agreement. Anticipatory repudiation (aka “anticipatory breach”) occurs when one party to an agreement makes a statement, engages in some action, or experiences an event that indicates to the other party that it will not fulfill its contractual obligations or that it will not be able to perform within the time required under the agreement. In instances where either party maintains reasonable grounds for insecurity with respect to the other party’s performance, the insecure party may demand, in writing, adequate assurance of due performance. *Starting amount to be determined based on client’s needs and the anticipated workload and expenses **Limited to one correspondence per contact per submission, which means that only one document submission will be made pursuant to the method of transmission provided by the client (multiple transmission methods requires additional fees) ***Follow up correspondence requires additional fees

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