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Do You Know The Legal Significance Of The Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, & Disclaimer?

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Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, & Disclaimer are the three most important legal documents you must have on your website. 

The privacy policy statement declares how a website collects, handles, & processes the data of its users & visitors. Many states have laws that require a privacy policy on it if you want to collect & use the personal data of its visitor. 

The Terms of Use agreement sets out the rules that the users of your website must follow to use & access it. For websites that provide technical & sensitive services, having carefully drafted terms of use is important. 

A Legal Disclaimer on it is like an “indemnity clause” of a contract. It serves to limit your liability for any harm caused to any user or visitor of your site.

Do You Know What Legal Notices Must Be On Your Website?

Additionally, it is important to have a copyright notice on your website.  Your website, as original work, has a copyright upon creation because a website. By definition, it satisfies the requirement that the material is “fix in a tangible medium of expression.” In essence, that just means the content must be documented or communicated in an observable way, such as printed on paper or saved on a hard drive.

All the content of a website has protection by a copyright. According to copyright law, that includes any “material that is perceptible to the users of a particular it,” so it pertains to text, images, music, audio, and video.

Do you need a Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, & Disclaimer for Your Website Legal Notices?

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