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Trademark Protection

Do You Want Trademark Protection For Your Business?

Your trademark protection is a valuable asset to your business.  It represents your brand and distinguishes you from your competitors.  The legal rights that come with having a registered trademark are essential to your long-lasting success in the marketplace.  Consider how to protect your trademark with these 6 strategies.

  1. Choose a Strong Mark from the Start
  2. Complete a Comprehensive Trademark Search
  3. Register Your Trademark with the USPTO
  4. Police Your Mark
  5. Consider Registering Internationally
  6. Maintain Your Trademark

Do You Want To Get Trademark Protection?

If you follow certain tricks, you will be able to register for trademark protection efficiently. The best legal advice anyone can give you in this regard is: “BE UNIQUE”!! Unique trademarks are easier to register. If you research correctly, there will be a minimal chance of rejection of your trademark application. This will make a substantial difference with regards to the time needed for approving your trademark registration. Keep in mind that trademark registration is never quick. But a carefully drafted application will save you much time.

If you need a quick turnaround, you can contact a trademark lawyer at The Sterling Firm. With our experience, we can help you get your trademark registered smoothly and quickly. Call today! Schedule Your Consultation Now!

Trademark registration may possibly be the most valuable asset in your intellectual property portfolio – it signifies your “business goodwill.” It is important to work with a lawyer when submitting your trademark application to the USPTO so that it does not get denied, cancelled, opposed, or challenged. Remember, the best strategy is to be Unique! 


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