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The Most Dangerous Times To Drive

Are You Aware Of The Most Dangerous Times To Drive?

We can help! An accident can happen anytime while driving. Do you know the most dangerous time to drive? Researchers have found some specific times when car crashes are more frequent. During the rush hours between 5 to 7 P.M., the chances of car accidents increase dramatically. 

There are reports that there were 1,152,000 total crashes reported on this day in 2019. You’ve got the same high volume of drivers on the road anxious to get home from work. (Some may even have joined their colleagues for a quick happy hour drink before getting behind the wheel.) In addition to tired commuters, you also have more cars on the road as people head out to start their weekend away. As a driver, you have to be more careful during this time.

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Everyone should drive attentively all the time to ensure that other drivers and pedestrians are safe. This is a legal duty. Not observing this is negligence. The result of which can be fatal to others.

Rushing home after a long day of work is understandable. But no one should compromise his or other’s safety over it. So, take precautions and drive safely during rush hours. 

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