Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction Accident Injuries happen in many ways, if you get injured at a construction site this is no different than any other workplace. In fact, an occupation in construction is one of the most hazardous in the state of California. Construction accidents are very common in California. These accidents can be very dangerous for construction workers who are working on site. Construction accidents are just as dangerous for people who are just visiting or walking by the site. If you get injured while working at a construction site, it is important to seek medical care and compensation as a result [...]

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California Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

WHAT IS WORKERS’ COMPENSATION? The law requires each employer to provide a safe place of employment. When an employee is injured during the course and scope of employment, the injured worker is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits (also referred to as “workman’s comp”).  The workers’ compensation program is an insurance program mandated by the State to provide compensation to employees who suffer injury or illness as a result of the job.  Even temporary or part-time workers may be eligible to receive benefits. Even if the worker is called an “independent contractor,” the worker may still be covered by workers’ compensation [...]

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Workers Compensation For Coronavirus Infection

Are You Entitled to Worker's Compensation For Coronavirus Infection? During the coronavirus pandemic, many Americans are still on the front lines making sure that this country continues to run. For instance, healthcare professionals, first responders, police officers, postal workers, and transportation personnel are still working hard to provide essential services to the Americans ordered to stay at home.  These American workers are at risk of infection every single day. If you become a victim infected by the coronavirus during the course of employment, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation for coronavirus infection.  What Is Workers’ Compensation Benefits? The California [...]

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