Trademark Lawyer

TRADEMARK LAW Trademark is defined as a distinctive mark, signature, or device, affixed to an article or to its wrapper, package, or container, to show that it is marketed, manufactured, grown, or selected by a particular person, firm, or corporation. A Trademark is an insignia, which serves as a guarantee that the product is authentic and genuine, and that the product is made with the same degree of quality as other products with the same insignia. The rationale of trademark law is to protect the symbol used to identify a particular manufacturer or seller's products or services and distinguish them [...]

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Trademark Litigation Lawyer

Trademark Litigation In trademark litigation‚ a frequent issue is whether or not a likelihood of confusion exists between two trademarks. Many factors are considered in this determination‚ but the two primary factors are the similarity of the trademarks and the similarity of the goods or services. If a typical consumer is confused between the two uses‚ then a likelihood of confusion exists. It is the Plaintiff’s burden to prove that a likelihood of confusion exists. Generally, the Plaintiff must also prove ownership and prior use. For these issues‚ a trademark registration can create presumptive rights. If the Plaintiff is successful [...]

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