Do I Need A Civil Rights Lawyer? 

Civil Rights Violation  A civil rights lawyer will pursue violations for police misconduct and discrimination. It is important for people to know their legal rights and how they are protected from the government. Unfortunately, law enforcement agencies and representatives have abused their power causing undeserved harm to innocent civilians. The Constitution was written to define the responsibilities of the government as the protector of our rights and to curb its power to infringe on our freedom.  Federal Civil Rights Law The Bill of Rights contains the first ten amendments in the United States Constitution. It defines the individual freedoms and [...]

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Los Angeles Defamation Lawyer

WHAT IS DEFAMATION? Everyone has a right to not have their reputation damaged by false statements.  Defamation is the unprivileged publication of a false statement of fact that injures another’s reputation.  There must be a balance of interests between protecting an individual’s personal reputation and the freedom of speech.  The elements for the cause of action include: False statement about the plaintiff; Publication of the statement to a third person who understands the meaning of the statement; Fault on the part of the defendant (which may be intentional, reckless, or negligent) in regard to falsity; and Actual or presumed damages [...]

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