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Bicycle Laws (size reduced)

Bicycle Safety

SAFETY TIP: Bicycle Road Safety Bicycle road safety is always front of mind for those who cycle regularly, but many people have only taken up this activity recently. Many opted for bike riding as a great family activity as a way to stay fit. Types of Bicycle Injuries Head: Skull fracture, concussion, brain contusion, intracranial …

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Personal Injury Law (Resized)

Do You Know Someone Who Was Injured In A Train Accident?

Train Accident Lawyer The Sterling Firm can help train accident victims! We provide generously pay competitive referral fess to our legal colleagues, with up to 30% for personal injury clients! How Do Train Accidents Happen? Train accidents can be catastrophic! Nobody should compromise their safety while riding on trains.  Everyone involved must be cautious and …

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Personal Injury Law (Resized)

Law Enforcement Violation Of Rights

Violation Of Rights By Law Enforcement Despite having the responsibility to protect and serve, law enforcement agencies and representatives have abused their power. This caused undeserved harm to innocent civilians.  In order to sue a public entity, you must comply with specific statutes. What people don’t know is that these statutes require you to provide notice …

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We Are Here To Help You (size reduced)

California Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

WHAT IS WORKERS’ COMPENSATION? The law requires each employer to provide a safe place of employment. When an employee is injured during the course and scope of employment, the injured worker is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits (also referred to as “workman’s comp”).  The workers’ compensation program is an insurance program mandated by the State …

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