Nursing Home Injury

Do you know that most nursing home injury cases are not due to any fault of the residents? Nursing home injury cases are too common. Nursing homes must take care of their residents. We trust that the nursing homes will provide adequate care. But sometimes they abuse our trust and do not give the service that they are legally supposed to. Have you or your loved one suffered a nursing home injury due to the mismanagement of a nursing home facility? If due to unsafe conditions or ill-trained staff, you or your loved one gets hurt, the nursing homes are [...]

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Coronavirus Lawsuit

Can I Sue For Negligence Or Wrongful Death Due To Coronavirus? The Coronavirus pandemic has infected many individuals and has claimed many lives in the United States.  A coronavirus lawsuit or a coronavirus class action may include causes of actions for wrongful death or negligence in exposing individuals to the virus.   Effective ways to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is to continue practicing proper hygiene. However, it is inevitable in society that germs will spread.  So, the questions become: “What happens if someone gave you the coronavirus?” and “Do I have a lawsuit if I am infected with coronavirus?” [...]

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