Contributory Negligence and Comparative Fault

Contributory Negligence and Comparative Fault

24/7 SERVICE. CALL OR TEXT 310.498.2750 CALL NOW 310-498-2750 Contributory Negligence Contributory negligence is a common law tort rule. Plaintiffs can be barred from recovering for the negligence of others if they too were negligent in causing the harm. Contributory negligence has been replaced in many jurisdictions with the doctrine of comparative negligence. In a …

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Were You Injured In An Accident By A Distracted Driver?

DO YOU KNOW THAT A “DISTRACTED DRIVER” AND “DRIVER DISTRACTION” ARE THE PRIME CAUSE OF CAR ACCIDENTS? A Distracted Driver is the cause of a significant amount of serious car accidents.  In fact, driver distractions are the leading cause of most auto accidents.  As experienced car accident lawyers in Los Angeles, we have handled plenty of automobile …

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Do You Know Someone Who Was Injured In A Train Accident?

Train Accident Lawyer The Sterling Firm can help train accident victims! We provide generously pay competitive referral fess to our legal colleagues, with up to 30% for personal injury clients! How Do Train Accidents Happen? Train accidents can be catastrophic! Nobody should compromise their safety while riding on trains.  Everyone involved must be cautious and …

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Coronavirus Lawsuit

Can I Sue For Negligence Or Wrongful Death Due To Coronavirus? The Coronavirus pandemic has infected many individuals and has claimed many lives in the United States.  A coronavirus lawsuit or a coronavirus class action may include causes of actions for wrongful death or negligence in exposing individuals to the virus. Effective ways to prevent …

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Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Pedestrian accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, the financial burden and medical expenses can add up very quickly. An experienced West Hollywood pedestrian accidents attorney will negotiate with the insurance companies to ensure you receive full compensation. What Are Pedestrian Accidents? Any accident involving …

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Is There An Exact Way To Calculate Damages For Pain And Suffering?

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