Slip-And-Fall And Trip-And-Fall Case

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SLIP AND FALL VS. TRIP AND FALL When it comes to proving your case and making a personal injury claim there actually is a HUGE difference between a trip and fall vs. a slip and fall case.  Satisfying plaintiff’s burden of proof in a “slip” case is much more difficult than a “trip” case. When discussing the difference between a “trip and fall” vs. a “slip and fall” injury claim, the main issue is whether the defendant had knowledge of the dangerous condition. Here is a hypothetical example: You are walking in the produce aisle of a [...]

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What Parts Of The Brain Are Affected In A Traumatic Brain Injury?

Many parts of the brain may be affected in a Traumatic Brain Injury. The brain floats in cerebrospinal fluid within the hard skull cavity. Portions of the interior of the skull against which the brain is situated are irregular and sharp, which is an added danger when the brain impacts the interior of the skull during trauma.  The brain cerebrum is an organ with the consistency of gelatin that is situated within the skull. The cerebrum has an outer layer of tissue known as the cerebral cortex which surrounds the gray matter. The cerebrum is sectionalized into main regions known [...]

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