Do Not Misclassify Your Employees As Independent Contractors

LEARN THE "ABC TEST" FOR CLASSIFYING INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS ABC Test For Independent Contractors Do You Run A Business? If you run a business you will enter into contracts.  You will deal with other businesses.  You will likely deal with independent contractors.  The IRS identifies people such as doctors, dentists, veterinarians, lawyers, accountants, contractors, subcontractors, public stenographers, or auctioneers who are in an independent trade, business, or profession in which they offer their services to the general public are legally independent contractors. However, the classification of a contractor vs. employee is based on fact specific circumstances. The general rule [...]

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What Is The Difference Between An Independent Contractor & Employee?

What Are Independent Contractors?  Independent contractors are responsible for their own work.  An independent contractor is a person who has decided to independently work for himself or herself. An independent contractor is responsible to pay his own self-employment and payroll taxes, and deal with risks and liabilities attached to his work himself. Independent contractors pay their own work expenses, tools, and materials to perform a service. The independent contractor also self advertises his services to anyone that might want them. Independent contractors have a right to control what is provided in the contract and what the contract entails. They are [...]

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