What Is The Difference Between Special And General Damages?

General damages refer to damages that flow naturally from the wrongdoing. General damages are not specifically monetary. Pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and emotional trauma are the main forms of general damages. These are losses that do not have any tangible bills or costs associated with them, but these are still harms that a person suffers and deserves to be compensated. Examples of general damages include: physical pain and suffering (compensation for being in pain); physical injury or impairment (disfigurement or disability); mental pain and anguish (trauma, stress and anxiety); diminished quality of life (relying on others, lack [...]

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What Is Pain And Suffering?

Pain and suffering is the physical and mental anguish caused by an injury, including physical damage to the body like a fractured skull; discomfort caused by more subtle sources, like aches; temporary or permanent restrictions on activity; the shortening of your or a loved one’s life; mental anguish like depression; embarrassment like that from burning or scarring; or anything else caused by the accident that is not a welcomed repercussion. Pain and suffering is a category of damages (the amount of money which a plaintiff may be awarded in a lawsuit.) known as “general damages.” These general damages are [...]

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