Right of Publicity

Publicity Rights The right of publicity allows a person to have a monopoly on their image.  People work hard to improve their valuable public image and their ability to publicize themselves.   The right of publicity allows an individual to control and profit from the commercial use of his or her name, likeness, and persona.  The right of publicity is the protection of people to regulate the commercial use of his or her identity. The right of publicity protects against the loss of commercial value resulting from the unauthorized appropriation of an individual's identity for commercial purposes.  The right of publicity [...]

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Do I Need A Civil Rights Lawyer? 

Civil Rights Violation  A civil rights lawyer will pursue violations for police misconduct and discrimination. It is important for people to know their legal rights and how they are protected from the government. Unfortunately, law enforcement agencies and representatives have abused their power causing undeserved harm to innocent civilians. The Constitution was written to define the responsibilities of the government as the protector of our rights and to curb its power to infringe on our freedom.  Federal Civil Rights Law The Bill of Rights contains the first ten amendments in the United States Constitution. It defines the individual freedoms and [...]

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