How to Win A Premises Liability Case

WHAT INVESTIGATION AND EVIDENCE IS REQUIRED TO PROVE A PREMISES LIABILITY CASE? In a premises liability case, immediately at the time of the incident, photos should be taken of the condition of the premises.  Anyone at the scene should take photographs, preferably with a measuring ruler, a quarter (.5 inch), or some other way to provide reference of displacement, degree of mis-levelment, or some way to document, safekeep, or preserve the dangerous substance.  In most states, the standard for admitting the photos into evidence is do they accurately reflect the scene at the event.  The [...]

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What Is A Dangerous Condition On A Premises?

DANGEROUS CONDITION ON A PREMISES A dangerous condition is one that creates a substantial risk of injury when the property is used with necessary precaution in a manner in which it is reasonably foreseeable for it to be used. The injured party bears the burden to demonstrate that its actions were in align with the way the defendant would expect a person to behave. The injured plaintiff must not have been in an area that would be considered trespassed, or engaging in an unusual or restricted activity, and the plaintiff was exercising an adequate level of caution that would typically [...]

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