Do You Hire Workers For Your Business?

Do Not Misclassifying Your Independent Contractors When You Hire Workers! This Can Cost Your Business! Speak With A Lawyer! Many Business Owners Hire Workers For Their Business Many business owners must hire workers to perform activities. Misclassifying employees as independent contractors is a serious issue that could cost your company money. As a business owner, you must know the penalties you need to avoid. Do You Know What Is The Legal Significance Between Employees & Independent Contractors? Do not misclassify workers as independent contractors when in fact they're employees. You can be penalized. Business owners are more protected [...]

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Trademark Protection

Do You Want Trademark Protection For Your Business? Your trademark protection is a valuable asset to your business.  It represents your brand and distinguishes you from your competitors.  The legal rights that come with having a registered trademark are essential to your long-lasting success in the marketplace.  Consider how to protect your trademark with these 6 strategies. Choose a Strong Mark from the Start Complete a Comprehensive Trademark Search Register Your Trademark with the USPTO Police Your Mark Consider Registering Internationally Maintain Your Trademark Do You Want To Get Trademark Protection? If you follow certain [...]

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