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Using A Seatbelt Reduces The Risk of Injury

Do You Know Using A Seatbelt Reduces The Risk Of Injury?

Seatbelt reduces the risk of serious injury dramatically. According to one study, seat belts cut the risk of serious injury in an accident by 50%.

When you get into a car accident, the crash and all your weight will hurl you forward. Your seat belt is the only thing holding you back. Without the seatbelt on, you are more likely to be ejected and become seriously injured in a crash. 

Many people think that cars equipped with airbags are enough to save you from crashes. This is completely false. All the safety features of a car are designed with the assumption that you are wearing a seatbelt while driving. So, even with an airbag, the chances of injury and fatality are higher than with a seat belt on.

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