Litigation Retainer [Complex]


Starting at $50,000.00* –  Complex litigation involves unique or many issues of law or facts, multiple parties, or multiple legal causes of actions.  A lawyer litigation retainer is a sum of money paid in advance by a client to retain the services of a lawyer. A portion of the complex litigation retainer is earned upon receipt for the consideration of setting time aside for the lawyer to strategize and prioritize the matter.  The remainder of the retainer deposit will be held in the client trust account to be used to pay for the lawyer’s services as they are rendered. The final amount of the retainer will depend on the complexity and estimated time required for the case. The lawyer’s hourly rate for litigation services will depend on the complexity of the matter. The client will be required to replenish the retainer as funds are depleted. *Starting amount to be determined based on client’s needs and the anticipated workload, necessary legal entanglement, litigation settlement negotiations, and expenses **Litigation retainers are considered “evergreen” replenishable retainers.

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