Legal Cease & Desist [Standard]


Starting at $2,500.00*** – A standard legal cease and desist letter is a document sent to an individual to stop allegedly illegal activity (“cease”) and to not continue the wrongful conduct in the future (“desist”). The cease and desist letter may notify the recipient that if the specified conduct continues, or if certain actions are not complied, by certain deadlines, the recipient may face legal action. The standard cease and desist is designed to only give basic “legal notice” of the wrongdoing which may support punitive conduct if the action continues. If legal argument is required, a complex cease and desist is required. *Starting amount to be determined based on client’s needs and the anticipated workload and expenses **Limited to one correspondence per contact per submission, which means that only one document submission will be made pursuant to the method of transmission provided by the client (multiple transmission methods requires additional fees) ***Follow up correspondence requires additional fees

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