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Motorcycle Injury

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Do You Need Help From A Motorcycle Injury Lawyer?

The Sterling Firm can help! Motorcycle injuries are too common. Many people love bikes and many more are taking up motorcycle bikes as their hobby. Riding a motorcycle can be fun and very exciting, but at the same time prone to accidents and injuries. Even the most careful and skilled riders may get a motorcycle injury.

A study suggests the death risk of a motorcyclist is 27 times higher than a car driver. They sustain 6 times more injuries as well. For this reason, a motorcyclist must drive more carefully. While driving, you have to ensure your own safety and the safety of others. You can hurt yourself and others if you drive carelessly. Careless driving is prohibited. It is a negligent act. If you or a loved one is hurt by a careless driver, you can file a claim for compensation. The driver and his insurer will be responsible to pay these amounts.

Motorcycle Injury Due To Another’s Negligence

The elements needed to prove negligence are:

  1. duty of care,
  2. breach of that duty,
  3. proximate causation, and
  4. damages.

Essentially, negligence is the failure to exercise a “reasonable” care to prevent harm to another person. And if you have suffered harm caused by another’s breach of their duty, then you can sue for money damages.

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