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Lawrence J. Danny, CPA, JD

Tax and Business Consultant


Lawrence J. Danny, CPA, JD, Former IRS Agent, provides consulting services to The Sterling Firm.  Mr. Danny began his professional career working for an entertainment based westside CPA firm. He then took a position with a national top-twenty firm where he was exposed to larger clients working on certified audits including a certified audit of a large publicly held company. Next, Mr. Danny accepted a position with a local CPA firm where he gained valuable hands on experience working with smaller businesses and various individuals.

Before his employment with the Internal Revenue Service, he had the honor of working with one of the nation’s most prominent and well respected criminal tax attorney’s on a criminal tax matter. Later, Mr. Danny opposed his mentor when he worked cases as an IRS civil fraud agent.

Mr. Danny next became a revenue agent with the Internal Revenue Service, went through extensive training and began auditing individuals and businesses. He began to learn the inner workings of the IRS, how the process worked, and how the IRS perceived various audit issues. Next, Mr. Danny moved to the civil fraud division of the IRS where he was fortunate enough to be selected to attend Special Enforcement Training in Detroit Michigan and Expert Witness Training in San Francisco. He participated in joint investigations with the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS and testified in a criminal tax trial as an expert witness.

Mr. Danny opened his own practice in May 1993. Since then he represented numerous individuals and businesses before the IRS both in audits, appeals, audit reconsideration and collection cases.

Mr. Danny has participated in several cases as an expert testifying in marital dissolution, business disputes and serving as a litigation consultant.

Mr. Danny has authored articles which have appeared on the California Society of CPA’s website and in The San Fernando Valley Business Journal. These articles are entitled, “How Unfiled Tax Returns Hinder Your Chances of Settlement With The IRS,” “How Not To Finance Your Business,” and “Portions of The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 Are A Mirage.” These articles appear on this website under Articles Written.

Mr. Danny has also written the book entitled “Steering Clear of The IRS While Legally Minimizing Your Taxes.” In this book, Mr. Danny exposes some of the hidden opportunities in the tax code that are frequently overlooked. Mr. Danny gives proactive suggestions to business owners, realtors, real estate investors, self-employed pro­fessionals and others on how to utilize the tax code advantageously without crossing the line.

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