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Entertainment Law

Entertainment law consists of several areas of the law, including labor, employment, contract, trademark, copyright, agency, publicity, and intellectual property, and covers all forms of media from social media to print and television. The Sterling Firm provides legal representation for entertainment transactions and litigation. The Sterling Firm understands the specific needs of entertainment clients, which require innovative and effective legal solutions. The Sterling Firm represents clients in all areas of the entertainment industry including film, television, music, stage, publishing, fashion, finance, literature, and fine art. If you are an actor, writer, director, producer, designer, musician, singer, financier, or are involved in any other area of the entertainment industry, The Sterling Firm can provide you the necessary legal counsel to protect your rights. The Sterling Firm prosecutes individuals for offenses against entertainment clients’ rights, such as misappropriation, invasion of privacy, fraud, improper solicitation, and copyright and trademark infringement. The Sterling Firm provides assistance to entertainment professionals in the following legal areas:

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