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COVID-19 – Business And Insurance Issues

Entertainment Industry: New Business Liabilities And Insurance Issues Related To COVID-19

In this workshop seasoned attorney and litigator Justin Sterling, Esq, founder of The Sterling Firm (, will address what producers and other creative business owners need to know about their liabilities with regard to Covid-19. There are issues and challenges involved in working with insurance companies in this difficult period of time as well.

Firstly, every business owner who hires employees, or who invites customers into their workplace, or who delivers products and services to customers at their facilities, faces new risks. They need to understand how to mitigate those risks. They also need what to look for when purchasing policies that insure them against losses going forward.

Finally, the recent health care crisis has been harmful to many.  It is also possible that your losses are covered by insurance policies. Businesses may be insured against losses of income. However, there are many uphill hurdles as many policies have complex exclusions.

In this one hour workshop we will address:

What responsibilities producers and other businesses have to keep their employees, contractors, and customers safe going forward.
What insurance policies they should consider to mitigate the risk of losses due to errors by those they employ and issues caused by society at large.
Why and how production, services, and content development contracts should be amended to address new risks.
Claims many business owners and producers are making against their insurance companies and the problems arising in getting paid on legitimate claims.
Corporate structures that should be in place before you re-open your business or dive into production which help separate your personal assets from your company.

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Justin Sterling, Esq. is a leading personal injury attorney and civil litigator.  Mr. Sterling is the founder of The Sterling Firm, a top-rated law firm with its original headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The Sterling Firm has a client base that stretches not only across the nation but also around the globe. We offer experienced and driven legal counsel for your matter.  We handle insurance claims and civil lawsuits, including those that arise from catastrophic and severe personal injury.

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