Entertainment & Media Law

Entertainment and Media Law

Entertainment Industry: New Business Liabilities And Insurance Issues Related To COVID-19

In this workshop seasoned attorney and litigator Justin Sterling, Esq, founder of The Sterling Firm (thesterlingfirm.com), will address what producers and other creative business owners need to know about their liabilities with regard to Covid-19, as well as issues and challenges involved in working with insurance companies in this difficult period of time. Every business …

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Entertainment Event Cancellation Insurance Claims Due To The Coronavirus

Impact Of The Coronavirus On The Entertainment Industry: Event Cancellation Insurance Claims The impact of the coronavirus pandemic is widespread, and the entertainment industry has been substantially impacted.  There will be a floodgate of event cancellation insurance claims.  In fact, every business sector across the globe has been affected at its core. Governments are issuing …

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E-2 Visa

This memorandum briefly outlines the formal and substantive requirements for obtaining an E-2 Treaty Investor Visa (commonly referred to as an E2 Visa). Formal Requirements For An E2 Visa Treaty and nationality: Treaty of Commerce and Navigation between the United States and the applicant’s home country Applicant and/or business possess the nationality of the treaty …

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Defamation Lawyer

 Need a Defamation Lawyer? We Are Here To Help You! Call 310-498-2750   WHAT IS DEFAMATION? Everyone has a right to not have their reputation damaged by false statements.  Defamation is the unprivileged publication of a false statement of fact that injures another’s reputation.  There must be a balance of interests between protecting an individual’s …

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Minors\’ Contracts In The Entertainment Industry

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