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Buy-Sell Agreement

What Is A Buy-Sell Agreement?  A Buy-Sell Agreement is relevant when you form a business with co-owners.  The Buy-Sell Agreement is a binding contract between co-owners of the business. The contract sets the terms and conditions of a future sale of one of the co-owners' shares in the business once a triggering event occurs.  The [...]

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Business Tax Implications Due To Coronavirus Aid, Relief, And Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”)

Business Tax Implications Due To Coronavirus Below are the relevant business tax implications due to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act ("CARES Act"). Business Loans If you have fewer than 500 employees or are self-employed, you are eligible to apply for a business loan of up to $10 million. Interest rates cannot exceed [...]

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Los Angeles Defamation Lawyer

WHAT IS DEFAMATION? Everyone has a right to not have their reputation damaged by false statements.  Defamation is the unprivileged publication of a false statement of fact that injures another’s reputation.  There must be a balance of interests between protecting an individual’s personal reputation and the freedom of speech.  The elements for the cause of [...]

How To Form A Business

Why Form A Business Entity?  There are many legal issues to form a business.  The law recognizes a business entity as if it is a separate individual. That is, a business entity is assigned an employer identification number (EIN) similar to a citizen’s social security number (SSN) for tax purposes. The business entity can own, [...]

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What Is The Difference Between An Independent Contractor & Employee?

What Are Independent Contractors?  Independent contractors are responsible for their own work.  An independent contractor is a person who has decided to independently work for himself or herself. An independent contractor is responsible to pay his own self-employment and payroll taxes, and deal with risks and liabilities attached to his work himself. Independent contractors pay [...]

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What Are The Alternatives To A Nonprofit?

ALTERNATIVES TO A NONPROFIT CORPORATION If the existence of the venture is for a short duration, the nonprofit organization may not be the best structure.  Nonprofits are good for long-term ventures. Alternatives include: (1) Operating as an informal organization under the legal umbrella of an existing charity, also known as fiscal sponsorship; or (2) Forming [...]

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