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4 Second Rule In Driving – Car Accidents

Are You Aware Of The 4 Second Rule?

The Sterling Firm can help! You can never be too careful while driving. One of the precautions drivers must take is to keep a safe distance from other vehicles. In good driving conditions, a driver should stay at least 2 car lengths, that is 2 seconds apart, from the vehicle in front. However, when the driving condition is not ideal, the drivers must follow the 4-second rule. He should double the distance in rainy & unsafe conditions for safety. Keeping a safe distance protects the driver & affords enough time to react to any unusual surprises. All drivers have to ensure the safety of other drivers. If an accident  occurs, multiple factors must be considered to determine the party at fault. Even contributory negligence, which means neglect on the part of the victim, is taken into account. Follow the rules of the road for safe driving. 

Keeping a safe following distance will enable you to react to a problem ahead without the need for a panic stop, which could cause a following driver to crash into the back of your vehicle.To determine your following distance, watch the rear bumper of the vehicle ahead of you. When the bumper passes a road marking or a roadside object like a telephone pole, start counting how many seconds it takes you to reach the same spot on the road. If you pass the marking or object in less than four seconds, you are following too closely.

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